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This humidifier helps keep your metal clay moist while you create. Invention by Donna Lewis.




Welcome to MetalclayArts

Metal clay is one of the most exciting new developments in the world of jewelry-making.. Only on the market since the mid 90's, this new medium offers unique artistic opportunities. The new BronzClay™ and CopprClay™ are available with exciting possibilities. Both are available now in quick fire versions. There are pieces in my gallery. Now there is 925 Sterling PMC! The advances are amazing. Wonderful product. You hallmark as sterling or 925.. Woo Hoo!!!! Stay tuned for more information on a new formulation of a higher silver content sterling that does not require carbon firing!

Check out HadarJacobson's information packed blog where you can purchase her very own HADAR'S COPPER CLAY in powder form with full instructions as well as her powdered HADAR'S BRONZE CLAY, HADAR'S WHITE BRONZE CLAY, HADAR'S STEEL CLAY, HADAR'S PEARL GREY STEEL CLAY, and WHITE SATIN; most are available in quick fire. As of now these are the only base metal clays I use. Genius! I have not had an opportunity to try the Prometheus or Goldie base metal clays as yet, but the reviews are good so far. Hadar also has a recipe to make the 925 STERLING SILVER CLAY you can use your dried up clay for this!

Lisa Cain of the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery was the first to publish her formally assayed recipe to create the 925 sterling silver clay. Many have followed to create individual formulas. We owe many thanks to you Lisa for your hard work and dedication.

Of course, new and redesigned tools and products are being developed specific to all this new age material. There are several sources available, each working toward its own niche. It is wonderful to be one of those involved in spreading the word about metal clay...

Certified in both PMC® and Art Clay®, I teach classes and private lessons in both products. They are similar and unique. I travel to art and craft shows and fairs to teach workshops which is one of my favorite things to do. So satisfying.

I have put together a kit of those precious tools I found after many wasted purchases. It seems useless to buy all those things that will be replaced. They just end up rolling around in a drawer. Save your money for the clay!!

I'm the inventor of the LiL BeLLA humidifier. It has saved lots of wasted time and clay. Everyone loves them!

upper left: "Wristlinks" by Donna Lewis is a 2008 Saul Bell Design Award Competition Finalist.

gallery upper left: "Queen's Ransom" by Donna Lewis is a 2007 Saul Bell Design Award Competition Finalist.


I am a member of Arizona Designer Craftsmen, Art Clay Society, SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths), Ganoksin, Treasurer and juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance,  
 I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

Thanks for stopping in! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you.

Donna Lewis












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