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mold made from twig              constructed without a core               

     with metal clay, gypsy set round              using hand made supporting structures

     cubic zirconia, fired, patinated and          pearls added after patination

     gypsy set tanzanite after finishing                                


      constructed lentil beads drilled to            metalclay and enamel mixed for the bail

      overlap and nestle, fired with enamel       patinated metal clay disk and beads

      in recessed areas, patinated and             strung with labradorite

      strung with pyrite and labradorite                               SOLD


    mold made from twig elbow filled with        individual princess settings filed and

    metalclay, gypsy set round czs, prong         attached before firing. fine silver

    set marquise, mesh inserted and cold         satin brushed finish

    connected from back with sterling                          SOLD       

    rivet.  patinated                                                                


BronzClay™ two separate firings, inner dome was fired in coconut based activated carbon and the outer ring was fired in coal based. These were two mistakes that ended up as one piece. This is going to be fun.



BronzClay™ earrings fired in coal based activated carbon. The patina is right out of the kiln. The raised areas were burnished




Ring shank was changed to an adjustable one as my dearest friend Magy Caldwell was nearing the end of her life. She was shrinking so quickly the ring would always be too large for her. Unfortunately, Magy passed away the day before the ring was finished. Because of the bypass shank, I can now wear it in her memory. Not for sale.




Love and miss you Magy...


Stainless martini glass from Zaruba and Zaruba Gallery, the wrap and pick are BronzClay™. Those exciting colors are one of the magnificent properties of the coal firing medium. Fabulous arent they?


Silver coated lava rock fired and brushed strung with amazing peacock stick pearls and handmade silver embellishments to marry the elements. Can be worn as a 16 or 18 inch piece by adjusting the closure.


Origami isn't as easy as it looks. I used metal clay sheet to fold six-point lilies. The bud bases are also silver. The buds themselves are wonderful keshi pearls. I have so many different kinds I've been thinking of a bridal line. The center coin pearl here is a huge 22mm in diameter. Just amazing! This piece is included in
The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry
2010 Calendar published by Holly Gage.

Varied texture adds interest to this woven pendant. Looks great on a man.


upper left:

                "Queen's Ransom" was a 2007 Saul Bell Design Award Competition finalist

   designed and created by Donna Lewis


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