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Let's Pavé


Thursday Feb 6 2020  

8:30am to 5:30pm







OOH the stones will fly so I will have plenty extra for you to satisfy the studio gremlins and create your piece. 

Win Win!!! 

You will leave with a sparkler and an understanding of how to set multiple (tiny) stones so they face the correct

direction to giveyour pendant maximum sparkle.  You will learn the trick to making them all sit the same depth

without driving yourself nuts.

(At least not too terribly)

Tee hee - I may not be your favorite person by the end of class after putting you through all this craziness;

but when you put on your precious sparkler I just may end up one of your faves after all.


                               Another little sample of one done in a more specific pattern with same sized stones.



Silver Woven Bead

Friday Feb 7, 2020 

8:30am to 5pm







This is my favorite class to teach as an intro to PMC.  You use all different clay types.  The lump is used for the body and the grommets, the sheet is woven to the correct size for your bead insert and the syringe (you will share that to save you money) will make the rings around the bead to separate the weave from the shiny smooth surface.

You will learn how to fit your sheet and manipulate your syringe to put them where you want them.

You will also learn both wet and dry construction.

This bead will give you a real idea of how PMC works and how the different types work together. 








Sand Dollar Sand Dollar

Friday Feb7, 2020 

5:30pm to 9pm






This is one of my most popular classes.  An amazing way to touch PMC if you have never tried and still come away with
a piece you will love.  There are never bad pieces made from these lovely little Sand dollars.

You will also go home with a reusable mold you can make even more with.  You can use that mold hundreds of times.

Fun and easy way to get just a little taste of PMC.



Jumpin' Cholla Pendant with a Pearl

Saturday Feb 8, 2020

  9am to 5pm







Imagine the juxtaposition of the heavily textured gnarly cactus skeleton and the smooth lusciousness of the smooth pearl nacre in this

wonderfully unexpected pendant.

You will also add a bit of granulation the metal clay way to create even more interest.

These pendants spark so many conversations.  They all turn out differently. 

I will have white, pink or peacock pearls for you to choose from.

You need no experience to create this.  Just patience and love for the art.

You also go home with a reusable mold you can use hundreds of times to create even more if you like.



Sparkling Dots Pendant

Saturday Feb 8, 2020

5:30pm to 9pm





There is no reason you can't make two of these during this class.  Choose your colors or go white if you prefer.

I have quite a number of colors to choose from. 


Everyone is wearing these little trend setting pieces.  Why not make your own.

Very simple process with a little extra TLC involved and you will have your own little sparkler.


Cholla Pendant with a Stone

Sunday Feb 9, 2020 

9am to 5pm





This is one amazing piece.  We use a delicate skeleton and make a reusable mold that can create hundreds more.

This one has a Montana Sapphire rough set.  I also have Rhodolite (ruby colored)  and Hessonite (dark topaz colored) Garnets

to set.  There will also be an array of faceted CZs if you prefer a sparkle on your piece and I have a few unfaceted CZ cabachons

you can use as well.

This piece is so pretty, I have worn mine to death.  I just love it and so many have tried to buy it from me.  The one in the

photo here is not for sale any time soon.

Subtle texture, yet as mysterious as any cactus in silver.



I am a member of Arizona Designer Craftsmen, Society of North American Goldsmiths, Ganoksin,

Juried artist and retired board member of the Arizona Art Alliance, and Treasurer of the Scottsdale Artist's League


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